Currying in Javascript with examples

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Currying in Javascript with examples


Knowledge of higher order functions and arrow functions are needed.

Name curry doesn't come from the spice we know, it comes from [Haskell Curry ](Haskell Curry) a mathematician. Haskel Curry defines Currying as:

Currying is actually a process of linking functions together to reduce the number of arguments they take by utilizing lambda calculus. This technique gives us an option to control how arguments are passed to functions. Enough chit chat let's see the code!

Oldschool function#

Alt Text

At first sight, this may look like functions inside the function but it's more than that. Each function has it's own scope so you can do whatever you want and not worry about changing the outer variables. Please, see Closures for more detail. First, when we invoke addNumber it returns [Function] because there are still two more function waiting to be executed. Also, secondFunction returns [Function] because function is still not resolved. But, when we call the function one last time it returns 30 because all the functions finally evaluated.

I know what you are thinking right now. Saying things like "Why do I wanna define three variables just to get function result?". What if said there is an easier way to curry?

Alt Text

Ta-da. See? A lot cleaner and easier to read. Stay tight we are not done yet. We can do these similar actions using Arrow Function.

Alt Text

Here, we're mapping -> filtering -> reducing randomNumbers array. Parameter X takes randomNumbers array, Y takes a value to map over the array with a given value which is 2 and returns a mapped version of randomNumbers, Z filters out numbers only dividable by given number, in that case, 3 and finally, D takes an initial starting value 4.

We're not done yet. What if you wanted to Un-curry the parameters? It's really easy. Check this out.

Alt Text

Similar to destructuring, you specify the parameters you want.

One more, this is called Partial Application.

Alt Text

Reducing your function to fewer parameters called partial application.

Final Thoughts#

To be honest, I've never used curry functions except for coding challenges but it's good to know how functional programming works.

Thanks for reading 🥳🥳🥳.

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