About me

Hi! I'm Oğuzhan Olguncu. I currently work full-time as a Frontend Developer, and I build open-source projects for fun.

I taught myself how to make websites first as a hobby and later as a professional programmer. I've been documenting everything I learn since I began.

I also like to make open source projects, all of which can be found on github and I'm also huge classical turkish music lover and recreational powerlifter.

Get in touch

I hope you love the site, and if there's anything you want to talk about with me feel free to drop me a line by email. I'm happy to hear your comments, feedback, suggestions, or just say hi! (Emails regarding ads, sponsored posts, link-sharing, etc. will be ignored.)


Journey Begins


Born in Istanbul, the only child of my family.

Baby Steps

2006 – 2010

The family gets our first computer, a PC running Windows. I've used the computer a lot, mostly silly stuff since I had no idea what was going on.

Exploring the Internet

2010 - 2014

I started my technical high school. Studied information technologies, started to learn lots of things about computers and especially about web development because it was the branch I chose to study. Coded websites using HTML tables, good old days. :)



I went to university for Information Management Systems. Due to my major's nature I studied both management and IT. I've taken core computer science courses such as Data structures, Computer Architecture, Algorithm Analysis and Database Management.



At the last quarter of 2016, I started work as a full time Fullstack .Net developer and honed my overall skills.

Different Path

2020 - Present

I was bored working as a full stack developer. I've chosen a different path and became a Frontend Developer.